May 23, 2024

How to Properly Use a Dakimakura Body Pillow on Your Bed

How to Properly Use a Dakimakura Body Pillow on Your Bed

A dakimakura body pillow is a long, cylindrical pillow designed to provide comfort and support while sleeping. These pillows are especially popular among anime fans and are often decorated with images of favorite characters. But, beyond the cute exterior, a dakimakura can also offer numerous health benefits for those who use it properly. In this article, we will outline how to properly use a dakimakura body pillow on your bed.

Choose The Right Size Dakimakura

The first step in properly using a dakimakura body pillow is to choose the right size. Dakimakura come in different lengths and widths, so it’s important to choose one that is appropriate for your height and build. A good rule of thumb is to choose a dakimakura that is approximately the same length as you are tall. Additionally, consider the width of the pillow and choose one that offers enough support for your head, neck, and upper body.

Place The Pillow Correctly

Once you have chosen the right size dakimakura, the next step is to place it correctly on your bed. Start by lying on your back and placing the pillow under your head and neck. This will help to support your neck and prevent neck pain and stiffness. Then, bring the pillow up to your chest and hold it securely in place with both arms. This will help to provide support for your upper body and prevent you from tossing and turning during the night.

Use The Pillow For Various Sleeping Positions

A dakimakura body pillow can be used for various sleeping positions, including on your back, side, and stomach. If you prefer to sleep on your back, place the pillow behind your back and extend it down to your knees. This will help to support your entire body and keep your spine in a neutral position. If you sleep on your side, place the pillow between your knees and wrap your arms around it. This will help to alleviate pressure on your hips and lower back. If you sleep on your stomach, place the pillow under your belly to help relieve pressure on your back.

Adjust The Pillow As Needed

As you sleep, you may need to adjust the pillow to ensure that it is providing the best support for your body. If you start to feel uncomfortable or experience any pain, simply readjust the pillow to a different position. This is one of the many benefits of using a dakimakura body pillow, as it allows for greater flexibility and customization in your sleep position.

Clean Your Dakimakura Regularly

Finally, it’s important to clean your custom body pillow regularly to ensure that it stays hygienic and in good condition. Most dakimakura are made of a soft, plush material that can be machine washed and dried. Simply follow the care instructions provided by the manufacturer and wash your pillow on a regular basis to keep it fresh and clean.


Dakimakura body pillow can offer numerous health benefits when used properly. By following these steps, you can ensure that your dakimakura provides the support and comfort you need for a good night’s sleep. Whether you are a fan of anime or simply looking for a comfortable and supportive pillow, a dakimakura is a great investment for your bed. So, take the time to choose the right size, place the pillow correctly, use it for various sleeping positions, adjust it as needed, and clean it regularly for the best results.

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