April 13, 2024

Gimkit Game: a complete overview

Gimkit Game: a complete overview


Online educational game:

Gimkit game is one of the best learning games made for tutors and school children that improve engagement and learning skills of them. This game or application consists of a website that tells the learners to make and modify practical games and remain in teams.

Work of Gimkit game:

Gimkit game is an online educational game show that has a digital quiz gaming place for teams as well as for independent. This online game is for tutors and learners to learn students to learn. This game can be played in classrooms as well as in houses for learning. The concept of Gimkit is that the learners who work on the project of high school

Gimkit is a computerized quiz game that requires answers and reviews to learn and understand. It is used for the collection of tools to learn on their devices smartphones processors and tablets.

Cost of Gimkit game:

Gimkit starts free of cost but there is a boundary on five students in one game. The Gimkit game gets $9.99 for a month and $59.98 for a year. And this enables learners to open all levels of this game in the sense of making assignments.

Detail about the Gimkit game:

•             500 students can participate in an online Gimkit game

•             Gimkit offers two payment plans which are for a month at $9.99 and a year at $59.99.

•             By the way, students can play this game for free in a way that they should have a free educator account, sign up, and can play the limited number of levels of this game.

•             Gimkit allows tutors to help their students in engaging in classrooms. This app is comfortable to operate and helps the tutors to make modified, enjoyable and innovative lessons that can be informative.

•             There is no boundary in using the Gimkit game. Everyone who has a Gimkit account can run the game.

•             Gimkit games can also be run at home as well as in classrooms. 

•             In these games students earn money by giving the right answers and giving in the sense of giving wrong answers.

How to start a game?

1-Host an online game:

•             First step is to choose a kit

•             Second step is to choose a level

•             Then control the game options

•             And then Distribute the code or invitation link and run the game.

2-Choose a game level

3-.Select the students who join the game late.

4-Limit in chosen maximum players.

5-Create nickname.

For completing an assignment:

Students can complete their assignment through two methods

•             First one is that by achieving the target purpose

•             And the second one is by achieving the target question objective.

•             Gimkit game issues reports for all online games assignments.

•             Two types of questions are present in Gimkit, the first one is multiple choice and

The second one is text input.

How to join the game?

•             The students who want to join the game, should visit the class to meet with teachers to get the joining link and approve their e-mail or Google account

•             Students can be played online or can be assigned individually for practice.

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